Sardinia, the perfect souvenir to take with you!

Sardinian bronzes

There are many typical items of our Sardinian tradition that might be the perfect souvenir to take with you once you say goodbye to beautiful Sardinia.

In the wide selection that you'll find in our well-stocked shop worth mentioning is our knives and the art of knife making, famous Sardinian handicraft activity with some real masterpieces ranging from more basic forms to real artistic masterpieces coveted by collectors.

Sardinian knives

The traditional Sardinian knife is the switchblade, represented by finely crafted handles made of mouflon horns, as our ancestors used in the past, and also of more modern materials such as burr juniper and other types of wood.

The blades are hardened through ancient processes, yet secretly preserved from generation to generation, forged between hammer and anvil with painstaking attention.

For Sardinians the "S'Arresoja" is a symbol, a true emblem that distinguishes valiant men from lesser valiant ones in farming-pastoral environments. Several places boast this type of product as their pride and joy, such as Pattada in Sassari, Arbus in Medio Campidano, Dorgali in Nuoro and products made in Oristano.

SA PATTADESA: The original knife from Pattada. It is considered the Sardinian knife par excellence. The classic shape is the SA RESORZA presenting the blade as foll'è murta, in other words with the characteristic shape of a myrtle leaf. This knife is usually a switchblade.

The handle has a simple line.

In the steel top above the handle a Lapwing is inscribed. This is a typical Sardinian depiction, widely used as a symbol of thanks, fertility and freedom.

Sardinian knife
Sardinian knives with horn handle
Sardinian knives with juniper handle
Sardinian knives souvenir Sardinia

Other typical souvenirs are also products made of cork, which may be for ornamental or decorative purposes, or the ones in carved wood, wrought iron and even copper, prized material to create braziers, pots and containers that will definitely look great in your home..

Cork Bags
Sardinian cork souvenir
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