Rugs and Tapestries

Other main items of Sardinian tradition that cannot lack in a real handicraft shop like that of Fiorenza Elisabetta are the Sardinian rugs and tapestries that once again tell of Sardinia's age-old history.

Made of wool and dyed with organic essences during ancient times, the Sardinian rug is traditionally used as a home furnishing. The technique that is usually used to create these rugs is known as "Pibiones" that is, grape clusters monochromatically created, in white, ocher and other hues with a knotted detail that creates a refined bas-relief effect.

Actually there are many other beautiful items created by the skillful hands of Sardinian women that up until a few generations ago would prepare the entire wedding trousseau, weaving rugs, tapestries and drapes in their domus (or homes).

Keep in mind that each rug is unique and original and is the result of a long and patient work, it is an ancient art that is passed down through generations and this makes the Sardinian rug a handmade priceless product.

To this regard, the shop holds the machine woven rugs by the multi-awarded Sardinian artisan, Giovanna Chessa di Ule.

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